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    • Schmidt Tres Fute: 4 Ever (FR)
    • Tres Fute: 4 Ever (FR)

      Number of players : 1-4
      Playing time : 30 Min
      Recommended ages : 8+
      Language : French

    • Schmidt Mille Fiori (FR)
    • Mille Fiori (FR)

      In Mille Fiori, you play as glass makers and traders who want to make the most of their role in producing glass art.

    • Schmidt Le Grand Prix de Belcastel!
    • Le Grand Prix de Belcastel!

      Every year, on the market day, the big traditional race of the city's children is organized.

    • Schmidt Tres Fute: A La Pusisance Trois
    • Tres Fute: A La Pusisance Trois

      Very smart to the power of three offers players new decisions and challenges. The order of the chosen dice can be important to fill certain boxes..., sometimes even several at the same time.

    • Schmidt VIKING SAGA (FR)

      Vikings Saga offers a multitude of adventures! The basic game with its simple rules comes with additional game material for later adventures. You start the game with a small group of Vikings.

    • Schmidt Donnant Donnant (FR)
    • Donnant Donnant (FR)

      Age 8+
      1-4 players
      30 mins

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