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    • Lord of the Ring Knights of Minas Tirith
    • Knights of Minas Tirith

      This box set contains 6 plastic Knights of Minas Tirith in 30 components, armed with lances and shields. Models supplied with 40mm round bases

    • Lord of the Ring Mordor Troll / Isengard Troll
    • Mordor Troll / Isengard Troll

      This multipart, plastic box set allows you to build an Isengard Troll, Mordor Troll or Mordor Troll Drummer. This finely detailed kit comes with 4 weapon options and a range of head and armour options that allow you to customise your Troll. Model is suppl

    • Lord of the Ring Arwen™ Foot and Mounted
    • Arwen™ Foot and Mounted

      This set contains 2 metal miniatures in 3 components representing Arwen - 1 on foot and 1 mounted. Supplied with a 40mm round base for the mounted model, and a 25mm round base for the model on foot.

    • Lord of the Ring M-E SBG: DEFENCE OF THE NORTH (ENGLISH)

      This expansion for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game™ lets you play out campaigns across three distinct theatres of war – the Battle for Dale, Defence of Mirkwood, and Assault on Lothlorien.

    • Lord of the Ring Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual (EN)
    • Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual (EN)

      This 208-page hardback rules manual is a comprehensive guide to the hobby of building, painting and playing games with your Middle-earth models, whether you choose the forces of Good or Evil.

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